UniFi - UDM and UDM-Pro Emergency Recovery UI


This article describes how to access the emergency recovery user interface (UI) and recover a  UniFi Dream Machine (UDM or a UDM-Pro). From this recovery UI the device be can reset to factory defaults, rebooted, powered off and the firmware upgraded.

  • To upgrade the firmware, you will need to download a firmware binary for the UDM found in our Downloads page. Use the left hand menu to select the correct model and find the newest firmware available.
  • Currently, there is no UDM (base) firmware available, so to get the firmware file, please sign up for early access and either get the newest one from the Beta Releases in our Community or download this known-to-be-good version from this Community post in the Beta forum.
  • To access this interface you will need to have set up a computer with a static IP of of 192.168.1.X in eth0 (LAN1) ( is used in the example below).

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  1. UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) Recovery
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UniFi Dream Machine Emergency Recovery

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Follow these steps to access the Emergency Recovery UI:

1. Power off the system.

2. Press and hold the reset button and then power on the UDM by connecting it to the power source.





3. Keep the reset button pressed for about 5 seconds, or until you see the recovery LED pattern in a loop (blue - off - white - off) on the UDM, or the Recovery Mode screen on the LCM on the UDM-Pro. 

4. Plug a computer with a static IP of into LAN1 of the UDM.

5. Open a browser and type in to enter the Recovery Mode screen. From here you can reset, reboot, power off and most importantly you can upload an updated firmware bin file.

udmpro-recover.png6. To update the firmware, go to the Downloads page, find the correct UDM model on the left hand menu and then click on the download button, read and accept information, and then download the firmware file to your computer to upload in the Recovery Mode UI. Once it is uploaded you will have to reboot the UDM to complete the firmware upgrade. Please read the note on the top of this article if you are using the UDM (base) model.

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