EdgeSwitch XP - TFTP Recovery


In this article we will provide the necessary steps to recover the EdgeSwitch XP models. This process will completely restore the factory default settings and erases all custom configuration.

Applicable to the following EdgeSwitch XP models:
  • ES-5XP
  • ES-8XP
  • ES-16XP

Devices and products used in this article:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Recovery Using a TFTP Client
  3. Related Articles


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In rare cases when an EdgeSwitch XP becomes unresponsive, these instructions may be used to recover the device back to its default state. This is typically not the first step in troubleshooting issues, but rather a last resort recovery method.

The TFTP Recovery feature works by using the reset button and by using a TFTP client on a workstation. Pressing the reset button on the EdgeSwitch XP will enable the TFTP recovery mode by running a TFTP server on the switch. Afterwards, a firmware image can be uploaded from the TFTP client. A regular firmware image file is used for the TFTP recovery. The firmware can be downloaded from the EdgeMAX Download section.

NOTE: It is not necessary to use the same firmware image version as the one that is present on the device. It is possible to recover an EdgeSwitch XP running v2.0.0 using the v1.4.1 firmware image for example.

Recovery Using a TFTP Client

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In this section, a TFTP client is set up on a workstation to allow the recovery image to be uploaded to the EdgeSwitch XP.


Connecting an Ethernet cable from the management port on the EdgeSwitch XP to a Workstation.

1. Download the relevant EdgeSwitch XP firmware file from the EdgeMAX Download section.

2. Connect an Ethernet cable from the management (MGMT) port of the EdgeSwitch XP directly to your computer. 

3. Assign a static IP address to your computer's network interface, for example

The TFTP recovery mode can be initiated by pressing the reset button while powering on the device by plugging in the power cable.


4. Press and hold the reset button.

5. Plug in the power cable.

6. The amber (right) LED of the MGMT port will be solid on. Release the reset button immediately after it turns off. This takes around ~8 seconds after plugging in the power.

7. The amber (right) LED of the MGMT port will start blinking continuously. This indicates that the TFTP recovery server is running.

ATTENTION: The TFTP recovery process is indicated by the continuous blinking of the amber (right) LED of the MGMT port.

8. Run a TFTP client application and upload (put) the recovery image to the device.

 Windows Client

In this example we are using Tftpd32 as the TFTP client using the following settings:

Port: 69
Local File: firmware.bin
Remote File: <blank>
Block Size: Default

applelogo.png  macOS Client

Open a new Terminal window and use the following TFTP client commands:

tftp> connect
tftp> binary
tftp> put firmware.bin

9. Wait for the recovery process to complete. The EdgeSwitch XP will automatically load the uploaded firmware file and reboot during the process.

10. Access the device by navigating to the address using a Web browser.

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