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The Device discovery tool changed significantly with the release of UNMS 1.1.0. This article summarizes all the changes.

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User Tip: Since UNMS version 1.1.0 the Device Discovery tool is no longer a standalone section. Instead, it can be found under the Discovery tab in the Devices list.

There are many new features in the new Remote discovery tool. In this article, we will describe the most important ones.

Remote Discovery

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The Remote Discovery (available from UNMS version 1.1.0) is a new system designed to search and register devices into the UNMS controller.  The main difference from the previous Device Discovery tool is the fact that devices are being discovered not only by the UNMS server itself, but by the currently connected devices as well. This is a breakthrough innovation as it allows UNMS to discover and connect devices inside private network ranges or behind NAT, which were previously unreachable. It is even possible to automatically upgrade a device's firmware if it's not the minimum version required to connect that device into UNMS. This new ability is crucial for the new free UNMS Cloud instances since they do not see into any local network. 


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User Tip: To perform remote discovery, UNMS is primarily using an EdgeRouter device configured as a gateway, but in case there is no such device in the local network, any airMAX AC with the necessary FW version can be used instead. 

To make this new feature work, there is a new step in the initial installation wizard. Users are asked to connect one device, ideally an EdgeRouter Gateway with firmware 2.0.8+. This device is then used by the Remote Discovery to find all other devices in the local network.  In order to perform the remote discovery devices need to have support within their FW. We are gradually adding this support to more devices. Currently, this feature is available for:  

Model Firmware
EdgeRouter  2.0.8+
airMAX AC 8.7.0+ 
EdgeSwitch 1.9+

How it works

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Remote discovery is running automatically in the background searching for all available devices. Initially, it checks if there is a gateway available in each range and if such gateway is found the range is scanned again with higher priority. When any IP change is detected in the UNMS, when any device is connected or when monitored subnets are changed, the scan is initiated again. This re-scan is also performed periodically in set intervals.

ATTENTION: Remote discovery is only performed over subnets defined in Settings -> Network -> Addresses -> Monitored IP subnets.

 It is possible to manually force a re-scan in the discovery tab and in the same place a specific device can be added by entering its IP address, credentials, and HTTPS port. Device can be added if it is reachable either directly from the UNMS server or any other device in the local network. 

Security Tip: When pop-up for adding a specific device is used, it is important to make sure the IP address is correct since device credentials will be sent there. 

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