airMAX - Troubleshooting Weak or Fluctuating Signal


This article covers the most common issues affecting weak or fluctuating signal levels between wireless devices. 

Table of Contents

  1. Line of Sight
  2. Interference
  3. Physical Alignment
  4. Related Articles

Line of Sight

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  • If the line of sight between the two devices is not clear, signal levels will be weak and unstable.
  • Fresnel Zone requires at least 60% clearance for stable signal levels.
  • Mounting devices higher can improve line of sight and Fresnel Zone clearance.
  • See this article for more: airMAX - Planning an Outdoor Wireless Link


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Physical Alignment

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  • Ensure that the devices are correctly aligned according to the radiation pattern found in their respective data sheets. Data sheets and quick start guides can be found at the bottom of each product's page when navigating from here: or in our Downloads section.
  • Ensure that the devices are tightly secured after verifying alignment so they do not twist on the mount.
  • Ensure that the mount is tightly secured.

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