UniFi - Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to UniFi!

As a new user the task of "where to start" can be daunting. This article is not meant to be a comprehensive list of everything UniFi, but rather a stepping stone to get started in the most informed way possible. After reading this guide, along with the linked related articles, users should take a look at the UniFi User Guide, which will provide descriptions for each section of the UniFi Controller.

Table of Contents

  1. Methods for Managing a UniFi Network
  2. Important Accounts and Passwords
  3. Device Setup
  4. Set up an Email Service
  5. Related Articles

Methods for Managing a UniFi Network

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Managing a UniFi network can be done on a variety of hosts. Below are the different platforms that are supported by Ubiquiti. 


Mobile App Management

Important Accounts and Passwords

There will be several different sets of credentials associated with UniFi and the UBNT account. It is important to take note of these during installation. The following article goes in detail about all the accounts, usernames and passwords a UniFi user might encounter.

UniFi - Accounts and Passwords for Controller, Cloud Key, and Other Devices

Device Setup

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UniFi Device Matrix

Under each of the product pages will be a datasheet and quick start guide at the bottom of the page. Devices that do not have a product page are only linked to a datasheet as indicated below. 

UniFi Access Points
UniFi Switch 8-150W
UniFi Switches
UniFi Security Gateway XG 8
UniFi Security Gateways (Firewall)
UniFi Cloud Key &  UniFi Application Server

Adopting UniFi Devices

UniFi - How to Adopt a USG into an Existing Network

UniFi - How to: UniFi Device Adoption

Upgrading UniFi Devices

UniFi - Changing the Firmware of a UniFi Devices

Set up an Email Service

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Setting up an email service such as SMTP through Gmail can assist in situations where cloud access is not enabled and an admin password has been forgotten. If cloud access has been enabled, login can be attained through the UniFi Cloud Access Portal (https://unifi.ubnt.com).

UniFi - How To Use a Free Email Service as SMTP Server (Gmail)

Related Articles

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UniFi - Controller FAQ

UniFi - Getting Started FAQ

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