EdgeRouter - How to Update Bootloader


This article explains how to update the bootloader for all EdgeRouter models.

This article applies to EdgeOS firmware 1.10.7 and greater.  
Device used in this article:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Update Bootloader
  3. Bootloader Changelog
  4. Related Articles


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EdgeRouter has a bootloader which controls functions such as how the LEDs light up on boot, how the router boots and loads the configuration, loads drivers, and more. In firmware version 1.10.6 and greater we have added the option to update the bootloader using CLI commands. This guide will give details on how to update the bootloader.

Steps: How to Update Bootloader

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ATTENTION: Firmware version 1.10.6 or later must be installed for these commands to be utilized. Firmware 1.10.7 and later includes the bootloader update inside the firmware package.

These commands will be entered in operational mode of the CLI.

Step 1: Verify current bootloader version using command:

show system boot-image 

Example when new bootloader version is available:

The system currently has the following boot image installed:
Current boot version: UNKNOWN
Current boot md5sum : 6010759776febe62b1dac8f392acf764

New uboot version is available: boot_e300_001_3f6cf.tar.gz
New boot md5sum : 8c042ab18af687fbd69ee773d293bf6f
Run "add system boot-image" to upgrade boot image.

If the EdgeRouter is running the latest firmware and the command above does not show a new uboot version is available, no action is needed.

Step 2: Install new bootloader version using command:

add system boot-image


Uboot version [UNKNOWN] is about to be replaced 
Warning: Don't turn off the power or reboot during the upgrade!
Are you sure you want to replace old version? (Yes/No) [Yes]: yes
Preparing to upgrade...Done
Copying upgrade boot image...Done
Checking boot version: Current is UNKNOWN; new is e300_001_3f6cf ...Done
Checking upgrade image...Done
Writing image...Done
Upgrade boot completed
NOTE: After entering the command above, the process may take some time ( about 1-2 minutes) while "writing image...". Please wait and do not power off the device during this state.

Step 3: Reboot using command:

ATTENTION: A reboot is required for the changes in the new bootloader to go into effect. LED Statuses have changed using the latest bootloader, these changes are documented here.

Bootloader Change Log

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Bootloader Version Packaged with Firmware Affected Model(s) Change
001 Manual update option in 1.10.6 All EdgeRouter Models Introduction of bootloader update feature.
1.10.7 All EdgeRouter Models Redefined device LED statuses. Explained here.
1.10.7 ER-8, ER-Pro8, & EP-R8 Optimized DDR Timing to improve stability; resolved random reboot symptoms.
002 1.10.8

ER-Lite3, ER-PoE5

Corrected Flash Size Definition.
1.10.8 ER-8-XG


Aligned system LED behavior with other models.

Improved fan control logic.

Each EdgeRouter model will show a unique bootloader version. The firmware package includes the proper bootloader file for each model eliminating the need to manually specify a file. For example, the following bootloader file indicates the version number in bold.


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