EdgeRouter - How to Update the Bootloader


Readers will learn how to update the bootloader on all EdgeRouter models.

Applicable to EdgeOS firmware v1.10.6 and higher on all EdgeRouter models. Please see the Related Articles below for more information.
Devices used in this article:
  • ER-X-SFP / ER-X / EP-R6 (e50)
  • ERLite-3 / ERPoE-5 (e100)
  • ERPro-8 / ER-8 / EP-R8 (e200)
  • ER-4 / ER-6P / ER-12 / ER-12P (e300)
  • ER-8-XG (e1000)

Updating the EdgeRouter Bootloader

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ATTENTION: Updating the bootloader is supported starting from the EdgeOS v1.10.6 release. However, the image must be uploaded manually when using the EdgeOS v1.10.6 firmware. See the EdgeOS v1.10.6 Release Notes for more information.
Starting from the EdgeOS v1.10.7 firmware, the bootloader image is included in the release and does not need to be manually uploaded. See the EdgeOS v1.10.7 Release Notes for more information.

The EdgeRouter bootloader controls functions such as the LED boot behavior, configuration/driver loading and much more. The EdgeRouter bootloader version is not updated automatically with a firmware upgrade and must be updated manually.

CLI: Access the Command Line Interface. You can do this using the CLI button in the GUI or by using a program such as PuTTY.

1. Verify the current bootloader version.

show system boot-image

If the current bootloader has not been updated yet or a new version is available, the output will be similar to:

show system boot-image
The system currently has the following boot image installed: Current boot version: UNKNOWN Current boot md5sum : 6010759776febe62b1dac8f392acf764 New uboot version is available: boot_e300_001_3f6cf.tar.gz New boot md5sum : 8c042ab18af687fbd69ee773d293bf6f Run "add system boot-image" to upgrade boot image.

2. Update the bootloader version.

add system boot-image

Running the command above will show output similar to:

add system boot-image 
Uboot version [UNKNOWN] is about to be replaced
Warning: Don't turn off the power or reboot during the upgrade!
Are you sure you want to replace old version? (Yes/No) [Yes]: yes
Preparing to upgrade...Done
Copying upgrade boot image...Done
Checking boot version: Current is UNKNOWN; new is e300_001_3f6cf ...Done
Checking upgrade image...Done
Writing image...Done
Upgrade boot completed
NOTE: This process will take some time to complete. Do not power off or reboot the device while the bootloader is being updated.

3. Reboot the device to apply the new bootloader.


Verify the updated bootloader after the device has been rebooted with:

show system boot-image 
The system currently has the following boot image installed:
Current boot version: e300_001_3f6cf
Current boot md5sum : c352f964eab041a3ffc47bd559a3f43a

EdgeOS Bootloader Changelog

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The table below shows the changes that have been included in the different bootloader versions and which firmware release they are packaged with.

Version Packaged With Device Model(s) Change(s)
001 EdgeOS v1.10.6* All EdgeRouter Models Introduction of bootloader update feature.
EdgeOS v1.10.7 All EdgeRouter Models Redefined Device LED Statuses.
EdgeOS v1.10.7 ER-8 / ERPro-8 / EP-R8

Optimized DDR timing to improve stability.

Resolved random reboot symptoms.

002 EdgeOS v1.10.8

ERLite-3 / ERPoE-5

Corrected Flash Size definition.
EdgeOS v1.10.8 ER-8-XG

Aligned system LED behavior with other models.

Improved fan control logic.

NOTE: * The EdgeOS v1.10.6 release does not include the updated bootloader image. The image must be uploaded manually when using this firmware release. See the EdgeOS v1.10.6 Release Notes for more information.

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