EdgeRouter - Device LED Statuses


This document explains the operational state of an EdgeRouter based on the System LED status.

This article applies to the following EdgeRouter models:
The LED statuses will display when using the latest bootloader version, which is bundled with the v1.10.6 EdgeOS firmware.


ATTENTION: These new system LED patterns only apply when using the latest bootloader version. If upgrading from an EdgeOS version before v1.10.6, a second reboot is needed to allow the new bootloader to become active.

EdgeRouter Units with System LED

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As of firmware version v1.10.6, the device status LEDs have been improved to provide a more clearly defined state of the device. See the tables below for the description and meaning of the different system and port LED patterns.

The table below applies to the following EdgeRouter models:

  • ER-4
  • ER-6P
  • ER-12
  • ER-10X

Type of Device Activity

Device State/Activity

LED Pattern

General Status
Initial Power On Steady blue
Bootup in Progress Flashing white
Ready for Use
(Not connected to UNMS)
Steady white
Ready for Use
(Connected to UNMS)
Steady blue
Ready for Use
(Unable to connect to UNMS)
Blue flashes off every 5 seconds.
Device Locate Feature Active Blue flashing quickly
Troubleshooting Status
Firmware Upgrade in Progress Flashing blue and white.
Error A12
(Device Hardware Failure)
White flashing quickly
Power On Reset (Holding reset button while applying power) Release reset button within 0-5 seconds to reboot with existing configuration. Port LEDs illuminate from left to right showing progress.
Release reset button within 6-10 seconds for Factory Reset. Port LEDs illuminate from left to right showing progress.
Release reset button after 10 seconds to start TFTP Recovery. (Available in future firmware.) Port LEDs are all on, then alternate odd/even.
Runtime Reset (Holding reset button while the unit is powered on) Hold reset button for more than 5 seconds while unit is powered on to trigger a system reboot with the factory default configuration. Last Port LED blinks while holding reset button, remains solid for 1 second; all port LEDs turn off when reset is complete. System LED goes initial boot state of steady blue.

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