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In this article we will show a roadmap for UNMS.

NOTE: Content listed here is based on our Community feature request thread.

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We have opened UNMS development to the feedback of our community as much as possible. For that reason, it is paramount for us to hear your feature requests and allow you to influence our plans for new features accordingly. We prioritize on those requests that are most desired by the community so here is a short list of those. 

Upcoming Features after 0.12.2 

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NOTE: Planned features in the table below are ordered neither by importance nor by the expected time of implementation.

Our top priority is to complete support for all UBNT devices. Here is a table showing what is already done and what needs to be added. We are committed to listen to your feedback and drive the development of UNMS in a direction that our community will appreciate. For that, we would like to encourage you to express your desires in our feature request section.



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Network topology

This feature brings a topology map of your network for comfortable monitoring of its state and for a fast overview of its structure. Our vision is to gradually improve topology map so that UNMS can generate it automatically few releases and FW updates in the future. This topology map will be focused on displaying the physical connection between devices and it will be able to display third-party devices in a form of blackboxes. Thanks to the map, UNMS will be able to detect a device which caused an outage. The same info will be used to allow parallel upgrades of devices’ FW and to determine bounds between Sites and Clients.

UNMS team

Device maintenance mode

This feature will allow users to determine a group of devices which won’t temporarily generate outage alarms. Those devices won’t be taken into account for the network health measurement as well.


Bandwidth usage

UNMS will use NetFlow platform to accurately measure transferred data of individual clients. This is primarily added to enable UCRM integration later. This feature will be able to recognize unknown IPs in the network and add them to the network topology map in a form of blackbox devices.



Real-time analysis and evaluation of issues in your network. Each discovered issue is immediately followed by an alert. This system will be able to recognize the wide scale of issues: outages, signal strength, capacity overload, configuration mistakes etc...


UNMS/UCRM integration

It will be possible to natively run UNMS and UCRM on a single server. UNMS will provide all network management services for UCRM. For example computing of transferred data, client endpoint blocking or client shaping (limits of connection speed). Similarly, UNMS will provide statistical data for UCRM. Both applications will be connected via API and their UI/UX will be gradually unified.


Parallel FW upgrade

Smart FW upgrade for APs and their stations together. This feature will allow scheduling FW upgrade as well. The mass parallel upgrade will be able to evaluate the structure of a site and recognize if a device is providing energy to other devices through PoE. This is necessary to prevent a restart of any device in the middle of an upgrade.



Advanced system for roles and multi-tenancy. This feature will allow restricting access to specific sites/clients for particular users.



IP management

Subsystem for IP management. This feature allows attaching a specific IP address to any device. UNMS will not only offer a list all used IP addresses, but it will be able to assign IP addresses to devices according to business requirements of UCRM as well. Also, the new smart installation wizards in UNMS mobile app will be dependent on this feature to work properly.


Firewall configuration

On EdgeRouters it will be possible to configure selection of the most important firewall settings remotely from UNMS.


QoS configuration

On EdgeRouters it will be possible to configure QoS completely.



Full support of IPv6 protocol everywhere in UNMS. UNMS will be able to run on IPv6 server, connect devices from IPv6 networks and correctly display and manage IPv6 addresses.


UNMS cloud

For users who would like to run UNMS but they do not have a suitable hardware for UNMS server we will bring a possibility to one-click install UNMS in Ubiquiti cloud.


Site survey

UNMS will be able to scan nearby networks for all wireless airMAX and airCube devices. This feature will give you a useful overview of neighboring networks and their devices.


UniFi integration

This feature will allow connecting whole UniFi network as a single UNMS device for simple monitoring only. It will not be able to manage the UniFi network in any way but we will add a one-click link to UniFi controller.



VPN management

Configuration of VPN on EdgeRouters.


Full-text search

This feature will improve existing full-text search to include all texts in the UNMS. You can easily find any device, site, client, error or help text. It is enough to enter for example IP or MAC address and UNMS will immediately display a list of possible connected entities, similarly to UCRM.


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