UFiber GPON - Advanced Logging


This article gives the steps to enable detailed logging for UFiber equipment to help capture and send debugging information to developers if requested.

This article is for advanced use cases and is typically only required if requested by our support staff. These steps will generate a large amount of logs and should be turned back to the default logging level (info) as soon as the bug has been reproduced.
Devices used in this article:
Danger: These commands should only be used if directed by our support staff to increase logging to investigate specific issues. 

How to Enable Advanced Logging

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CLI: Access the command line interface (CLI). 

1. Change Logging Level to debug:

In the CLI of the UF-OLT issue these commands to change from the default logging level (info) to a more advanced level (debug).

set system gpon logging module onu level debug
set system gpon logging module sdk level debug
ATTENTION: It is important to set these levels back to the info level to prevent excessive logging after the bug has been replicated and the logs have been captured.

2.  Capture Logs:

The best way to gather all of the information required by our team to diagnose the issue, simply click on the Download Support-File button in the GUI of the OLT.

3. Change Logging level back to info:

set system gpon logging module onu level info
set system gpon logging module skd level info

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