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In this article we will talk about sites in UNMS and when to mark the site as a client.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: This article applies to UNMS 0.13.0+

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  2. About Sites
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Sometimes it is not immediately obvious if a site should be marked as a client or not. This guide should help you decide as well as show other potential actions available with sites.

About Sites

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In UNMS every device must be assigned to a site. The main purpose of a site is to create an organization schema for your devices; but it will also offer other useful features. 

Location: There is an address attached to every site. It is up to you to decide how detailed this address will be. You could have one site named Europe and have all devices within, but it is also possible to have separate sites for each house on a street.

Alerts: Each site has its own settings regarding who should be contacted in case a device attached to it goes offline. 

Clients: In some cases, it is beneficial to mark a site with the client tag. The general rule is that the site should be marked this way if there is a device attached that can be paired with a UCRM client (more precisely customer services/subscriptions). Once the client tag is added, UNMS assumes you do not want to receive as many alerts related to this device and will automatically turn off the alert on this site.

User Tips: 
  • You could create a site with no contact email attached to it, and just associate all devices you do not wish to be warned about with that site.
  • Sometimes it is acceptable for a device to be offline and for that reason we offer a maintenance mode which suppresses any alerts or outages from that device.

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