LTU - First Steps - How to connect the cables to configure your airFiber LTU?


In this article you will learn how to properly connect the Ethernet and power cables to operate your airFiber LTU radio. Once you connect all these cables properly you can read this article to learn how to configure your radio.

This article applies to the following firmware and devices
Devices used in this article:
  • AF-LTU (running any firmware above 1.2.0)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to
  3. More Information
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Welcome to the LTU experience,

LTU is the latest technology from Ubiquiti Networks which delivers unprecedented performance in outdoor Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint links. 




Steps: How to

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Before you can configure your device, you need to connect both Ethernet cables in the right position and connect the PoE Adapter to an AC outlet. Note: Remember that the AC outlet must be grounded properly.


First, connect an Ethernet cable from the PoE Adapter “PoE” port to the LTU’s DATA port. Then, connect another Ethernet cable from the PoE Adapter “DATA” port to your computer or network switch. And finally, connect the PoE Adapter power cable to the AC outlet.


Wait 1-3 minutes and you should be able to access your airFiber LTU configuration page. Default address is, default username is "ubnt" and default password is "ubnt"


More Information

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