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Frequently Asked Questions

What SFP module should I use?

First, review which ports you have available to use, either SFP or SFP+. Then, choose if you need 1Gbps (SFP) or 10Gbps (SFP+) speeds. Next, choose which fiber cable you will use, typically Single-Mode is for longer distances and Multimode is for shorter distances. Finally, match the module with your environment.

For example:

EdgeSwitch 16 XG SFP+ port 0/1--- UF-MM-10G --- UOC-5M ---UF-MM-10G --- ES-48-750W SFP+ port 0/49.


EdgeSwitch 16 XG SFP+ port 0/1 --- UF-SM-10G --- Single-Mode fiber cable 5000 Meters --- UF-SM-10G --- ES-48-750W SFP+ port 0/49 

What fiber cable should I use?

There are many vendors that provide fiber cable. If using a module that states Single-Mode (SM), Single-Mode fiber will need to be used. Multimode (MM) modules require Multimode fiber. Ubiquiti has offerings for both Multimode (up to 5 Meters) and Single-mode (up to 300ft). The UOC-.5 for example is a short half meter LC multimode duplex indoor patch cable. The FC-SM-100 is a six-strand LC single mode 100ft indoor/outdoor fiber cable. More details about these products can be found here.

What speeds does EdgeRouter Infinity support?
The EdgeRouter Infinity (ER-8-XG) has 8 SFP+ 10Gb ports. The speed can be set to 1Gb or 10Gb for a set of ports, however, each port cannot be set individually. For instance, setting the speed for eth1 sets the speed for eth1-4; and setting the speed for eth5 sets the speed for eth 5-8.
What speeds does the EdgeSwitch 12F support?
The ES-12F supports 100/1000Mbps connections on ports 1-8 and 1000Mbps-only connections on ports 9-12. The four copper ports 13-16 support 10/100/1000Mbps connections.
What speeds does the EdgeSwitch 16 XG support?
The ES-16-XG supports 10Gb and 1000Mbps link speeds. In firmware 1.7.1 and higher there is also an auto-detect option which will not auto-negotiate, but auto-detect the speed from the other end of the link. The four copper ports 13-16 support 1000Mbps and 10GBaseT connections. 
Can I use a SFP+ modules in an SFP slot?
Yes, a SFP+ module will work in a SFP slot at 1000Mbps speeds.
What type of Fiber connectors are there?
All of our UFiber Modules use LC connectors. Some are LC-Duplex where two fiber strands are required (one transmits and one receives). Some are LC-Simplex BiDirectional (BiDi) which require a single strand (transmits and receives on different frequencies on the same strand). Other types of fiber connectors include SC (Used in UFiber GPON) and M2000.
Can I plug up a copper cable to an SFP port?
Yes, Using UF-RJ45-1G you can connect an Ethernet connection to a SFP port at 10/100/1000Mbps speeds. Using the UF-RJ45-10G will allow for 10Gb speeds.

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