UniFi - USW: Supported PoE Output


In managing your network, UniFi Switches offer greater convenience and functionality over conventional switches. UniFi Switches integrate switch function with Ubiquiti device/network management in the UniFi Controller while also providing PoE output to power your access points. To ensure you are able to support devices in your network, it is important to understand what PoE output is supported by your UniFi Switch.

Maximum Supported PoE Output Table

The following table shows the maximum supported PoE output by each UniFi Switch model:

  Maximum Supported PoE Output
UniFi Switch Model 12W max output (802.3af) per port 25W max output (802.3at) per port
US-8 X  
US-8-60W X  
US-8-150W   X











UniFi PoE Switches - PoE Output Methods Supported

MODEL PASSIVE 24V  802.3af 802.3at 
US-8   X (1 port)  
US-8-60W   X (4 ports)  
US-8-150W X X X
US-16-150W X X X
US-24-250W X X X
US-24-500W X X X
US-48-500W X X X
US-48-750W X X X


info_i_25x25.png  Note:  Each switch has a maximum power consumption, which should be considered when powering multiple UniFi devices via PoE. For example, a US-16-150W, although it has 16 ports, has a 150W maximum power consumption, same as the US-8-150W. The UAP-HD has a maximum power consumption of 17W. Therefore, if you were to power 16 UAP-HD on a US-16-150W, there is a possibility that the wattage could exceed what the switch is capable of supplying in certain conditions. 


Find each device's power consumption in the Datasheets found at the bottom of each product page in www.ubnt.com/products.

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