UniFi - Managing Access Points via UniFi Mobile App


The UniFi Mobile App allows UniFi Users to manage their network from a variety of platforms and locations. The UniFi Mobile App allows users to manage access points any of three ways:

  1. Manage APs directly via Standalone Mode.
  2. Controller Mode via Direct Access.
  3. Controller Mode via UniFi Cloud.

Table of Contents

  1. UniFi App Download Links
  2. UniFi App Introduction
  3. Standalone Mode
  4. Controller Mode
  5. Related Articles

UniFi App Download Links

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  • Apple's App Store 
  • Google's Play Store
  • Beta version of each app are also available. Please see THIS thread for more details. Note that you need to be registered on the Ubiquiti Community, and also have signed up for beta access. If needed, there is an article linked at the bottom on how to sign up for beta access. 

UniFi App Introduction

The UniFi app operates identically on both Android and iOS platforms. The UniFi Mobile App allows users to manage their network via standalone mode, or controller mode.

Standalone Mode

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Standalone mode is used for simple configurations, typically single SSID with no special features, although it is possible to manage and configure multiple APs using SSO credentials. Devices are only visible in Standalone Mode when the AP has not been adopted to a controller and your mobile device is connected to that AP’s network. The following animation gives a brief demonstration of Standalone Mode—including QR Scanning and Firmware update capabilities.

Controller Mode

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Controller mode is straightforward in the sense that the app will connect to your existing controller. The mobile app controller features all the same functions and options as the traditional software controller. You can have a list of saved controllers, and also login to your SSO/community account to manage any controller(s) you have connected to your unifi.ubnt.com account.

The following animated gif briefly demonstrates Mobile App features available in Direct Access controller mode—including L3 adoption and speed testing. L3 adoption and speed testing are not available via cloud connection.



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