UniFi - How to Configure Auto Backup


This article will discuss how to use and configure the auto backup function of the UniFi Controller. The minimum version of the UniFi Controller required for this is 5.1.0. 

Auto Backup Overview and Use

The Auto Backup section is found within the settings area of the UniFi controller. The UI side is very straight forward. First you have to turn it on, then you can choose the frequency of backups and time to run the backup, number of backups to retain and the amount of data to keep for each backup. Note: It will only allow you to turn it on if you have inserted the SD card into the Cloud Key.

You will notice that you cannot control the location of the backup from the UI. This can be configured via the system.properties file. If you need more information about the system.properties file please see the UniFi - system.properties file explanation article.

 The default storage locations are as follows:

  • For Cloud Key: /data/autobackup (where SD card is mounted as /data by default)
  • For software installs: {data.dir}/backup/autobackup

To change that location you would add the following line to the system.properties file (substituting /some/path with your chosen storage place):

  • autobackup.dir=/some/path

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