UniFi - How to Configure Auto Backup


This article will discuss how to use and configure the auto backup function of the UniFi Network Controller. The minimum version of the UniFi Network Controller required for this is 5.1.0.

Table of Contents

  1. Auto Backup Overview
  2. How to Change the Location of Backup File
  3. Related Articles

Auto Backup Overview

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In the UniFi Network Controller, navigate to Settings > Auto Backup. To start using this feature you must first enable it by turning the toggle to the ON position. This will reveal some configuration options. Choose the frequency of backups and time to run the backup by editing Occurrence and Occurrence Timezone. Define how many backups (Number of Files) you wish to retain and the amount and what data you wish to save within these backups.

NOTE: Controllers hosted on Cloud Keys will only be able to enable Auto Backup if there is an SD card inserted in the Cloud Key.

How to Change the Location of the Backup File

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 The default storage location of the backup file is as follows:

  • On the Gen2 Cloud Keys autobackups are stored on both the eMMC ( HDD for UCK-G2-Plus ) and SD card if inserted.
    • /data/autobackup/ (SD card)
    • /usr/lib/unifi/data/backup/autobackup/ (eMMC/HDD)
  • On the Gen1 Cloud Key autobackups are saved on the SD card.
    • /data/autobackup/ (SD card)
  • For software installs: {data.dir}/backup/autobackup

The location of the backup file cannot be modified in the Controller UI: it must be configured via the system.properties file. To change the default location add the following line to the system.properties file (substituting /some/path with the chosen storage place):


For a more detailed explanation about the system.properties file please see our Related Articles below.

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