UniFi VoIP - How to Enable Emergency Call on Lock Screen


Readers will learn how to enable the Emergency Call button on the Lock Screen.

Table of Contents

  1. Requirements
  2. How to enable Emergency Calls from Lock Screen


  1. UVP with version 5.0.11 or greater

How to Enable Lock Screen Emergency Call button

  1. Drag down to display the Notification Area and toggle the Grid Menu on.
  2. Tap the Settings button to navigate to Android Settings.
  3. Toggle from Simple to All if needed.
  4. Tap the Security menu option under the Personal category.
  5. Tap Screen lock to launch the Screen lock setup wizard.
  6. Choose Pattern, PIN, or Password(slide does not support emergency call button)
  7. After setting up the unlocking options, check the Enable emergency call checkbox.
  8. Tap OK to agree to the Emergency Call warning.
  9. Let the screen timeout and lock.  There should now be an Emergency Call button on the Lock Screen.
  10. Tapping will prompt a dialer which will send the number (this must be a emergency number) dialed to the UVP App.  If multiple accounts are setup, then a list will display to select which account to use to dial.