UniFi VoIP - RingCentral: SIP Configuration


Readers will learn how to get the required SIP Details from the RingCentral interface, and how to configure the required settings on the UVP or VoIP Controller.

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  1. RingCentral Configuration Steps
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RingCentral Configuration Steps

1. Login to your RingCentral Account via the web interface, and click the Phones & Devices menu option.

2. Select the Existing device's telephone number.

3. Click Setup and Provision, on the right.

4. Select the radio button Other Phone and click Next.

5. The next screen will output the SIP Details we will need to configure the UVP with RingCentral(SIP Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username, Password, and Authorization ID)

Required SIP Settings provided by RingCentral

Setting Value
SIP Server SIP Domain (ie. sip.ringcentral.com) [:5060] is understood and not required.
Outbound Proxy Outbound Proxy (ie. sip10.ringcentral.com:5090) [:5090] is required.
Username Username (ie. 12223334444)
Password Password (ie. 123AbC123)
Authentication Name Authentication ID (ie. 1234567890)

You should now be able to use the following guides to configure your UVP with the extension created with the guides in the Related Articles:

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