UniFi Video - How to Enable SSH on the UVC-NVR (Hardware NVR)


This article describes how to enable and disable SSH on the UVC NVR.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: In more recent production runs of the UVC-NVR, there is a new default firmware loaded which has SSH disabled by default.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Enabling SSH on Your UVC NVR
  3. Changing Your SSH Password
  4. Related Articles


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In more recent production runs of the UVC-NVR, there is a new default firmware loaded which has SSH disabled by default. This is a protection mechanism, since putting a server in a situation where it is directly accessible from the Internet with default credentials is a security risk.

It’s quite easy to enable SSH, however. But first, a few key warnings:

  • If you have the need to put the NVR directly on the Internet or forward SSH ports through to the NVR, make sure that you choose a very secure password. We recommend at least 16 characters with special characters included.
  • Depending on your configuration, SSH may not be necessary all the time.
  • The NVR web UI password is the same as the SSH password.  If you change it in one location, it changes in the other location as well.
  • You should always change the default password.

Enabling SSH on your UVC NVR

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  1. Log in to the web interface of your NVR via standard HTTP by typing in the NVR's IP into the browser. For example, if your NVR’s IP is, then you would enter in the URL bar of your browser with nothing else after it. 
  2. Browse to the Configuration tab.  Depending on the version of the NVR, it will be one of two screens.
    • If you have a UniFi Video NVR, click on the gears in the far upper right hand corner: 
      NOTE: Do not click on the image in the middle of the screen, this will take you to the UniFi Video GUI, whereas we want to go to the NVR Configuration GUI.

    • If you have an earlier, airVision NVR, select Device Configuration:
  3. Log in to the NVR. The username will be root or ubnt, depending on what your initial defaults were, but if you have already logged in before, you will most probably already have a personalized password. In any case, the default credentials are either:
    • Username: root
      Password: ubnt
    • Username: ubnt
      Password: ubnt
  4. There, you will see a checkbox to Enable/Disable the SSH server: 
  5. Check the box, then click the Save button.
  6. SSH is now accessible on your NVR. To disable SSH access perform these same steps, unchecking the box instead.

Changing Your SSH Password

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1. Log in to the web interface of your NVR following steps 1 - 3 of the above section.

2. If you still have the default password, you should get a prompt to change the password upon first login. If you did not, go to the Maintenance tab and click Change Password.

3. There is no SSH password recovery option if you forgot your credentials. If you cannot log in to this page you will have to factory reset your NVR (see Related Articles).

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