UCRM - Setting up SSL Certificate


To use HTTPS protocol, you must provide UCRM and UCRM app container with SSL certificate. This guide will help you to set it up. 

Steps to Set Up the SSL Certificate

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  1. First, make sure your Server domain name is set up. Go to System > Settings >Application
  2. After that, proceed to upload CRT and KEY files using the form in System > Tools > SSL CertificateCertificate files are automatically validated after the upload.
  3. Update the UCRM Server port (in System > Settings > Application) to your desired port, typically 443 but you can choose 8443 etc.
  4. Make sure the Server port number set in system settings is the same used in your docker config file in section web_app (see /home/ucrm/docker-compose.yml)
  5. The last step you need to do is to restart docker container which will restart the web server. To do that, open terminal and go to the location of your docker-compose.yml file and run the restart command
cd /home/ucrm
sudo docker-compose stop
sudo docker-compose rm -af
sudo docker-compose up -d

Then, docker containers will be restarted and HTTPS protocol enabled.

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