UCRM - How to Migrate from airCRM to UCRM


UCRM is the upcoming version of airCRM. To facilitate the transition for WISPs there are several ways to migrate the most important data. Note that not all the data can be migrated since the UCRM has changed the architecture significantly to comprise the most helpful WISP features. This guide will explain two main approaches of data migration into UCRM.

Table of Contents

  1. Initial UCRM Setup
  2. Custom Data Upload

Initial UCRM Setup

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When the UCRM is run for the first time you will see a Setup Wizard which will help you with the migration. This migration handles the upload of Organization and Clients in two steps: first, export the data from airCRM and then import the data to UCRM. Follow the instructions displayed in the wizard. The upload comprises these UCRM entities:


Your WISP organization(s) data such as company name, email, contact address, currency.


Your clients' data such as name, contact and billing address, phone, email, etc. Note that some advanced data is not included (such as additional contact persons). Your clients should always have at least one email since it is used as client’s login into client-zone.

When the initial Setup wizard is finished you should not need to go back. However, if you skipped this wizard accidentally, you can run it again by going to http://YOUR_UCRM_DOMAIN_NAME/wizard/organization—provided the proper domain name or server IP in this url.

The upload is processed in three steps:

  1. Download data from previous airCRM application by going to aircrm.ubnt.com/billing and going to Settings > Maintenance. Click to Prepare an Export.
  2. Upload the data in the UCRM Setup Wizard.
  3. Preview the upload and confirm.


Custom Data Upload

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Whenever you want, you can batch upload any custom CSV into UCRM. This feature can be found in Settings > Tools > CSV import. In the current UCRM version, upload of these entities is enabled: Clients, Payments. You can upload CSV with custom field names on condition you match the CSV field names with the UCRM entity names in the upload wizard. (e.g. UCRM Client has Last name field. When your Client CSV field is surname, you should define that Last name and surname is the same.) You can import almost any CSV you need as long as you have specified the mandatory fields described below.

The upload is processed in three steps:

  1. Choose a CSV file to be uploaded.
  2. Define the columns matching.
  3. Preview the upload and confirm.

Mandatory CSV Fields for Clients

  • Name or Company Name
  • Email
  • Street
  • City
  • Country
  • ZIP code

Mandatory CSV Fields for Payments

  • Payment amount
  • Currency

Note that Currency must be a 3-letter code (e.g. USD) and the amount must be valid number.

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