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airControl - How to Fix Graphic Issue on Mac OS X


This article explains the steps to resolve an issue that occurs on some models of Mac computers where the client shows a gray transparent screen on startup. 

Table of Contents

  1. Issue Description
  2. Locate info.plist
  3. Edit info.plist

Issue Description

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On certain Apple computers running airControl Client, the client application will look like the image below due to an openGL bug which draws textures by offsetting or not offsetting coordinates.

To resolve this graphical issue please follow the steps below.

Locate info.plist

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If using the default location during install, the info.plist file that needs to be edited is found in this location:


Follow these steps for the easiest way to locate this file and folder:

1. Open Finder

2. Click Go from the ToolBar, then Go to Folder.


3. Copy /Applications/airControl2/ into the text bar and click Go.

Edit info.plist

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1. Open info.plist using the TextEdit Application.

2. Duplicate info.plist

When attempting to edit the text it will ask you to duplicate the file due to permissions. Choose to duplicate the file.

3. Add Text

To resolve the issue we need to add this text to info.plist in this location. Add the following: “<string>--enableTextureCoordFix</string>” below <key>ArgumentArray</key> and <array>

Scroll down near the end of the text. Before adding the text it will look like:



After adding text it should look like:



4. Save Edited File.

Click File > Save and save this edited file in a new location.

5. Move edited file to /Applications/airControl2/

For example, if you save this new file to Documents, you would then drag and drop it into /Applications/airControl2/ This can be located again using Step 1.

6. Rename original, current info.plist to infobackup.plist
7. Rename new, edited file to info.plist

Following the above steps will allow airControl Client for Mac to open and display properly.