EdgeRouter - Which EdgeRouter Should I Use?


This article will help users decide which EdgeRouter product to use, as well as outline the differences in each product and product series. 

Table of Contents

  1. Which EdgeRouter Should I Use?
    1. Switch-Chips
    2. Hardware Offloading
    3. Traffic Analysis (Deep Packet Inspection)
    4. Tech Specs
    5. Datasheets

Which EdgeRouter Should I Use?

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Each environment and EdgeRouter configuration is different, this could cause variations in performance. This article will highlight differences in product hardware and features which could vary depending on firmware versions and how the router is configured. 


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These devices include a hardware switch-chip: ERPoe-5, ER-X, ER-X-SFP, EP-R6

Products that include a hardware switch-chip increases performance when multiple router ports are used for the same subnet. Using a switch to connect multiple devices to one ethernet port on an EdgeRouter is a common scenario for best performance in large deployments. When users that would like multiple ports on their router to be on the same subnet and use an EdgeRouter product which does not include a switch-chip would require bridging ports. Bridging ports causes some decrease in performance.

Hardware Offloading

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These devices support Hardware Offloading for : ERLite-3, ERPoe-5, ER-8, ERPro-8, EP-R8

As of firmware version 1.8.5 (future release) ER-X, ER-X-SFP, and EP-R6 will support offloading.

Traffic Analysis (Deep Packet Inspection)

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As of 1.8.5 (future release) all models will support Traffic Analysis: ER-X, ER-X-SFP, EP-R6, ERLite-3, ERPoe-5, ER-8, ERPro-8, and EP-R8

Tech Specs

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Product Number of Ethernet Ports Number of SFP Ports Packets per Second PoE Output Notes
ERLite-3 3 - 1 million - -
ERPoe-5 5 - 1 million 24v and 48v Passive -
ER-8 8 - 2 million - -
ERPro-8 8 2 (combo ports) 2 million - -
ER-X 5 - 260 thousand - Accepts 24v PoE input
ER-X-SFP 5 1 260 thousand 24v Passive -
EP-R6 5 1 260 thousand 24v Passive Outdoor Enclosure
EP-R8 8 2 2 million 54v or 24v (4pair) on eth1/eth2; 24v (2pair) on eth3-7 Outdoor Enclosure

EdgeRouter Datasheets

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EdgeRouter Lite, PoE, 8 and Pro

EdgeRouter X, X-SFP