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UniFi VoIP - How to Perform a Factory Reset on the UVP


This article explains how to perform a factory reset on the UVP. If you are unable to boot the UVP please look at this guide.

Steps: How to Reset to Defaults

1. Navigate to Settings. Locate the Android Settings icon on the UVP. By default, you can find the "gears" icon by swiping to the right on your home screen and tapping Settings.

User Tip: You can also access Settings through the App Drawer and the notification panel.  

2. Toggle to see "All" Settings. In the top right-hand corner drag the toggle from "Simple" to "All".

3. Tap Backup & Reset, found in the Personal section.

4. Tap Factory data reset. The next page will show you which accounts you are currently logged into. Confirm that you understand that all data will be wiped from the UVP, and once rebooted your UVP will be wiped of all data by tapping the Reset Phone button.