sunMAX - Pre-Sale: sunMAX Online Software Suite

The free sunMAX online software suite comprises the three major planning sections prior to installing sunMAX:

  1. Geometry Design (online)
  2. Sales Proposal (in development)
  3. Permitting Package Application (online)

The Geometry Design lets you simulate arrays at the customer premise based on orientation, panel layout, etc. to estimate annual production and generate a quick Bill-of-Materials.

The Sales Proposal is a way to present the costs and savings to your customers in a simple, sleek way, automatically pulling data from the Geometry Design section, and factoring savings, incentives and any overhead.

The Permitting Package Application allows you to quickly gather and present information about your customer install for Ubiquiti's design teams so we can prepare a Permit Package which you deliver to your Local Authority prior to installing the sunMAX system. 

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