(ARCHIVED) UniFi - Troubleshooting UAP-IW Shutting Down

This article has been archived.
This document applies to the UAP-IW first generation. Newer versions of this product include the UAP-AC-IW and UAP-AC-IW-PRO (second generation) and the UAP-IW-HD (third generation).


This article helps explain why the UniFi AP In-Wall (UAP-IW first generation) would turn off when a computer or a non-PoE device was connected to the port labeled "PoE Out + DATA", along with how to prevent it from happening.

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  • The UAP-IW can be powered by an 802.3af/at power source like a PoE switch with 802.3af/at ports.
    • The "PoE Out + DATA" port will work in "safe/active mode", that means if you connect any 802.3af/at-compatible device to that port, the UAP-IW will supply power to that device.
    • However, if you connect a non-PoE device to the "PoE Out + DATA" port, the UAP-IW will send a message to the 802.3af/at power source, usually the POE-switch's port, in order to protect the non-POE device connected. Unfortunately, that will also turn off the UAP-IW. When the non-PoE device connected to the "PoE Out + DATA" port is unplugged the UAP-IW will turn on again.
NOTE: The UAP-IW should NOT be powered via passive-48V source, only via 802.3af/at. If you connect it to a passive-48V source, it could damage the devices connected to the UAP-IW.

Recommended Actions

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  • Connect any non-PoE device (like a laptop or switch) ONLY to the port labeled "DATA".
  • Connect any PoE device (compatible with 802.3af/at) to the "PoE Out + DATA" port.
  • DON'T CONNECT directly any passive-24V device to the "PoE Out + DATA).

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