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airMax M - Choosing the right firmware file for your device upgrade


Readers will learn how to select the correct firmware for their airMAX M devices. 



How to choose the right firmware file for your airMax M device

Since 2014 we started shipping some airMax M5 products with XW platform. This new platform requires a new firmware file specially designed for XW devices. Therefore, when you upgrade your airMax M device's firmware, you will have to use the right file for XW or XM platform.

You can easily identify if your airMax M product uses XW or XM platform looking at the Firmware Version in your device's System page (alternatively you can check your Firmware Version in the Main tab)

NSM5 - XW System.png

XW devices will display a 'XW' before the firmware version. In this example the firmware is 5.5.6 for XW devices.

NSM5 - XM System.png

On the other hand, XM devices show 'XM' before the firmware version.

You can download the latest firmware firmware for you device from  there you will have to select your product and select the right firmware for your device and platform.

Note: In some cases XM and XW firmware version could be different. However, in all cases it's recommended to have the latest firmware version for your devices platform.

Here you can see two different firmware platforms available for the NanoStationM5.  Select the one that matches the firmware version on your System tab. (XM or XW)


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