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airMAX - Choosing the Correct Firmware for your M Device


This article describes how to select the correct firmware, either for the XW or XM platforms of their airMAX M devices. 

Is my device using XW or XM?

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Since 2014, we started shipping airMAX M5 products with our XW platform. This platform requires a new firmware file specially designed for XW devices. Therefore, when you upgrade your airMAX M device's firmware, you will want to select the correct file, be that for the XW or XM platform.

You can easily identify if your airMAX M product uses XW or XM platform by looking at the firmware version in your device's SYSTEM tab (alternatively you can check the firmware version in the MAIN tab).

NSM5 - XW System.png

XW devices will display a 'XW' before the firmware version. In this example above, the firmware is 5.5.6 and for XW devices. On the other hand, XM devices will show an 'XM' before the firmware version, as seen in the screenshot below.

NSM5 - XM System.png

You can download the latest firmware firmware for you device from Go to the airMAX M Series section > select your product, and then select the correct firmware, either XM or XW. In some cases XM and XW firmware version could be different. However, in all cases it's recommended to have the latest firmware version available for your device's platform.


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It's important to note that if you try to install the wrong firmware on your device, you will receive an error message like the one shown below: