sunMAX - What is the Lifetime, Efficiency & Product Warranty?


sunMAX Panels are based on proven, industry-standard technology whose lifetime extends to 25+ years effective use. The Multi- / Poly-Crystalline material is widely chosen for residential installations due to its low cost-to-efficiency ratio.

Expect that virtually every panel will encounter minimal power degradation over the lifetime of the panel. If 0.4% drop in power occurs annually, expect about 1W of loss per year (ex. 255W * 0.004 = 1.02W).

Under real world conditions, you may see slightly more due to dust, man-made pollution, etc.


  • SM-MI-250-*: 95.5%
  • SM-SP-260-DC-*: 15.6% (up to 5% under 260W DC power)

* - NA (North America) or EU (Europe/World) models


For complete information, consult the official Ubiquiti Product Warranty. Summarized sunMAX Hardware Warranty information is listed below. 

  • Workmanship Warranty (defects in materials and workmanship)
    • Panels - 5 Years
    • Microinverter - 10 Years
    • Other - 1 Year
  • Performance Guarantee (against underperforming panels)
    • 90% - Years 1-10
    • 80% - Years 11-25
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