UniFi - SSL certificate error upon opening controller page


Certificate error appears upon visiting the controller page.

Errors like this may appear without a valid SSL certificate when visiting sites on HTTPS.


Possible causes / recommended actions 

  • Missing a valid SSL certificate.

    UniFi relies on HTTPS for extra security. This means that the browser will check for valid certificates when making a secure connection to the web server. Although the alert message may prove annoying, there's no risk to the connecting user. To avoid this error:

    1. Buy a signed SSL certificate from any web hosting provider.
    2. Then make the following changes to the controller:
      sudo su -
      # cd <unifi_base> 
      # on Windows, "%USERPROFILE%/Ubiquiti Unifi"
      cd /usr/lib/unifi 
      # create new certificate (with csr)
      java -jar lib/ace.jar new_cert <hostname> <company> <city> <state> <country>
      # your CSR can be found at /var/lib/unifi
      # - unifi_certificate.csr.der
      # - unifi_certificate.csr.pem
      # have this CSR signed by a CA, you'll get a few certificates back...
      # copy the signed certificate(s) to <unifi_base>
      # import the signed certificate and other intermediate certificates
      java -jar lib/ace.jar import_cert <signed_cert> [<other_intermediate_root_certs>...]

Note: once you have created the CSR it can be found in the %USERPROFILE%\Ubiquiti UniFi\data folder. On Mac find it here: /Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/UniFi/data

Note: Not sure where to find <unifi_base>? See this article.