airControl - How to customize device tag parameters?


The device tag is what is displayed on the diagram or map for each AP or Station. The default device tag format for both AP and station has the following structure:

ip (SSID)

Each device in airControl is shown as a product icon with a text label next to it. That label is called "device tag" and is composed of the device information which is customizable for each user in a way that most useful for the user to recognize devices at-a-glance, e.g. the label:

Composition of device tag is user-configurable via user's settings panel's in the "Device Tag" tab. Tag's content is configurable for AP and station devices separately, so that for AP's tag shows information most relevant to AP and for stations correspondingly.

To customize the device tag:

  1. Click on the username at the top of the client and click "Edit User Settings".
  2. Click on the Device Tag Column and Add or Remove fields as necessary. Click Apply after making changes