airControl - Quick tips and keyboard shortcuts for user interface


Readers will learn quick-tips and keyboard shortcuts when using the user interface


Navigation tips

Use following keys for navigating/selecting items a flat and hierarchical lists:

  • pressing SPACE or ENTER expands/collapses current row (in hierarchical lists)
  • left/right arrow scrolls current row horizontally, list keeps the first column fixed in place to maintain visual context of the scrolled row
  • use up/down keys while holding SHIFT to select multiple rows in the list
  • use page/down keys while holding SHIFT to select multiple rows in the list a whole page at a time
  • CTRL + A - select all items
  • SHIFT + End - selects all rows from the current to the bottom of the list
  • SHIFT + Home - selects all rows from the current to the top of the list

General tips

  • To avoid having to confirm execution of new task, click on a task menu item or toolbar-button using right mouse button instead of the left, the task will start immediately without waiting for confirmation (applicable to Reboot, Discover, Ping, Speedtest, Start/Stop monitoring tasks)
  • hold CTRL or SHIFT key while dragging the map diagram to tilt and rotate your current vantage point
  • when navigating flat sortable list, use "Show device in topology tree" toolbar button to see where selected device is located in the topology tree-list
  • use "Bookmark" toolbar button ('star') to mark frequently visited nodes in the topology or resources for quick access from the bookmarks menu ('star' button)
  • right click on any node in Resources Tree to see what options are available for adding related nodes at particular position (e.g. adding rules, device-groups, firmwares, users, roles, etc)
  • right click on an "Configured" or "Configuration backed up" event items in Log view to read configuration content to restored backed up configuration automatically saved during the event
  • To edit layout of devices on the map/diagram, select "Editing Mode" from the context menu button at the top-right corner. Default editing tool is 'move' selected devices.
  • text entered in the search box at the top-right corner will be matched against the following fields in all devices: hostname, mac, ip, ssid, status, firmware, product, custom-Tag. The first matching device will be automatically focused in the current view (either live or control). search results are updated as you type