airControl - How are alerts triggered for events?


Alert's system allows operator to have an "Inbox" for receiving and managing most important events on the monitored devices.

Alerts can be issued via user-defined automation rules (see the section above). Message of alert corresponds to the name of the rule that issued particular alert, e.g. if operator creates "Low memory on AP" rule and selects an option to generate an alert, the "Low memory on AP" alert will show up in alert folder when the rule's triggering-criteria is met.

Alerts may take on two states:

  • "Unchecked alert" - alert was issued by AC2 but not marked as "checked" by the user (analogous to "unread" email message)
  • "Checked alert" - alert was issued by AC2 and was marked as "checked" by the user

Number of unchecked alerts is displayed in a red-circle next to the device that has unchecked alerts.

Alerts folder is highlighted in bold font face when contains unchecked alerts.