airControl - Can I create rules for automation?


Yes. Although tasks can be executed either immediately or scheduled for a certain date, they can also be executed when a user-defined dynamic criteria is met. This is done by configuring automation rules.

Rules can trigger either execution of tasks or issuing of alerts, or both.

To create a new rule, expand "Automation" folder, right-click on "Rules" folder and choose "New Rule..." item in from context menu.

Rule's setup is consists of tow main sections

  • "Triggered under condition" section - defines dynamic criteria for triggering rule's actions
  • "Actions" section - defines alerts and tasks that should be issued when the triggering criteria is met

See "AC2's expression editor" section on how to edit the expression of the rule triggering-criteria.

In the "Actions" section of the rule user can choose if and alert that needs to be issued when the criteria is met, e.g. operator can create a rule which issues alerts when signal is below certain threshold on all APs or on a PtP backhaul links. Filtering can include following criterions:

  • time of day
  • topology-branch under which the rule is applicable
  • device-status change with specific 'from status' and 'to status' values
  • value-expression for any dynamic or static attribute with given averaging period (see "Rolling average")