TOUGHSwitch - How to access ToughSWITCH Carrier configuration?


Readers will learn how to properly connect the TS-Carrier model to be configured. Because the TOUGHSwitch Carrier is simply two TOUGHSwitch-Pro units in a rack-mount, the switches require interconnection between ports. This tutorial teaches how to do so.


The following steps explain how to interconnect the switches mounted in the TOUGHSwitch-Carrier model. 

1) Plug the AC cable on both switches
2) Disconnect any Ethernet cable interconnecting both switches
3) Configure your computer with an IP address within the 192.168.1.x/24 subnet, if you don't know how to do this, please watch this video tutorial.
4) Connect to the first switch directly ( and change IP address of the switch #1 (for example
5) Connect to the second switch directly ( and change the IP address of the switch #2 (for example
6) Connect an Ethernet cable between any regular port of the switch 1 to any regular port of the switch 2.
7) Connect a cable from your computer to the switch 1 or 2, and then open both IP addresses in your Web browser

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