UniFi - How to Clear Controller Statistics

What Controller statistics can I clear?

This article was created using the UniFi Controller version 5.6.30.

Some Controller statistics can be cleared using the buttons provided in the GUI, while others cannot be cleared out because they are historical user data. You will be able to clear all stats in these sections:

  • Statistics: all current statistics in this page, by clicking on the Clear Current Stats button.
  • Insights: Switch Stats can be cleared out in the Insights tab, by selecting Switch Stats from the drop down menu and clicking on the upper right hand Clear Counters button.
  • Clients: this tab is for current connected clients, these counters clear out on their own when a client disconnects.
  • Alerts & Events: these can be all archived to remove from view, and then to permanently clear the records from the system, Data Retention can be modified in Settings > Maintenance.

These statistics cannot be cleared out:

  • Insights: all other counters other than Switch Stats cannot be cleared out. Known Clients data for example, is found in the STAT_LIFE archive, which will never be reset unless the corresponding entry (Known Clients in this case) is manually removed from the data base and that entails some advanced editing via Mongo.

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