EdgeSwitch-XP - How to Add VLANs


Readers will learn how to add VLANs to an EdgeSwitch-XP.

Applicable to the latest EdgeSwitch-XP firmware on the following models:
  • ES-5XP
  • ES-8XP
  • ES-16XP 
Device used in this article:

Adding VLANs

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GUI: Access the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

1. Navigate to the VLANs tab.

2. Add the necessary VLANs by clicking on the addvlans.png button.

In this example, we are adding the following VLANs:

  • 10Data
  • 20Guest
NOTE: By default, all switch-ports are configured as trunk ports.

3. If VLANs need to be untagged on certain ports, uncheck the trunk checkbox first.

4. Untag the necessary VLANs on the relevant switch-ports. 

In this example, we are untagging VLAN10 on port 5 and VLAN20 on port 4:


5.  Change the management VLAN to another VLAN ID. 

6. Apply the changes by clicking on the Save Changes button.

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