airFiber - Ethernet negotiation problems across port and switch


Ethernet problems with airFiber. May negotiate at low rates (10/100Mbps) across ports (e.g., DATA, CONFIG) or not transfer data at all. May also have issues with certain switch models but work fine with others (e.g., Cisco 3550).


Possible causes / recommended actions

  1. Firmware incompatibility.

    Upgrade to the latest stable firmware on our downloads page.

  2. Fixed negotiation set on airFiber or switch.

    Enable auto-negotiation on both devices.

  3. Line interference from EMI sources or AM / FM transmitters.

    Isolate the radio from potential EMI sources or use ferrite beads with shielded Ethernet cables (e.g., TOUGHCable) to reduce potential interference.

  4. Cable run is beyond maximum recommended length.

    Shorten the Ethernet cable used on the given port of airFiber.



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