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EdgeRouter - Upload firmware file to router from PC using SCP


In this article, users will learn how to use the Secure Copy Protocol to upload firmware from a local host to a remote EdgeRouter. The following steps are performed using a Mac OS X host to upload v1.5 firmware to a remote EdgeRouter-Lite. 


  1. On the remote EdgeRouter, make sure that the remote destination has correct file permissions. In this example, we'll add the file to the /home/username directory (default username is "ubnt", but in this example, username "jamie" is created).
    ssh [email protected]<router_ip>
    sudo chmod -R ugo+rw /home/username/

  2. On the local host, determine the file location of the firmware to be uploaded. The following command would find the firmware on a Linux / Mac OS X host, while the output displays the file path.
    find ~/ -iname "firmware_filename"

  3. From the local host, change directory to the location of the firmware to be uploaded.
    cd /path/to/local/directory

    Note: The "~" indicates the local user.

  4. From the local host, use SCP to upload the firmware. You'll need to provide the password for the local username of the EdgeRouter. The file will then begin uploading.
    scp "firmware_filename" [email protected]<router_ip>:/path/to/remote/directory

    Note: The firmware has been uploaded and is being stored on the EdgeRouter under the /home/username/ directory.

  5. On the remote router, add the system image via CLI.
    add system image "firmware_filename"

    Note: The firmware has been uploaded but is not yet selected for default booting.

  6. Reboot the machine to load the new, default image.

    Note: The remote router will reboot, loading the new firmware file.