airControl - Set up alerts (e.g.. email notification)

Here's a how-to setup Email Notification on Device Status Change (offline/online).

....... Part 1
1: Go to 'Resources' -> 'Automation' -> 'Task Templates'
... If "Email Notification" doesn't exist --->
2: Right click on 'Task Templates' folder and press 'New Task Template'.
3: Insert name 'Email Notification' and a subject title ''.

....... Part 2
1: Go to 'Resources' -> 'Automation' -> 'Rules'
2: Right click 'Rules' folder and select "New Rule ..."
3: Insert name "Email Notification"
4: Press "Device status Change", "Offline => Online"
5: Press "OR", "Device status Change", "Online => Offline"
6: Under "Repeated triggering allowed when" select "Device status change"
7: Tick "Generate an Alert of type", and select "Warning"
8: Press "Add task template to execute" and select "Email Notification"
9: Type address in "E-mail"
10: Press "Create Rule".
PS. You can also add "essid = ubnt" so it only affects the devices that have the SSID of "ubnt".