UniFi VoIP - FusionPBX: SIP Configuration


Readers will learn how to configure a SIP account in FusionPBX, and configure SIP settings in the UVP.


FusionPBX Configuration

In order to configure your FusionPBX installation for extensions on Ubiquiti UVP phones, first login into the administration portal:




Then select the Account tab and there click on Extensions.



You will go to the Extensions configuration page where you can add, edit or delete extensions.



Press on the + button on the right side of the screen to add a new extension. You will be required to fill in the following fields in order to create a new extension:



Extension number to dial to reach this user


Password configured for the device's extension. It's automatically created, but you can change it.

Effective Caller ID Name

The Caller ID name for outgoing calls from this extension; only enter the name, NOT the number

Effective Caller ID Number

The Caller ID number for outgoing calls from this extension; only enter the number, NOT the name

Voicemail Password

This is the password used to access the voicemail system. This password can only contain numbers. A user can change the password you enter here after logging into the voicemail system (*98 by default) with a phone.

Toll Allow

Enter the toll allow value here. (e.g. domestic; international; local)




Once the configuration is finished, click on the Save button and once the page is refreshed you will see a notice saying Update completed on the top of the screen.



By default the codec priority is PCMU,PCMA,GSM. If you want to change this priority or add a new codec, select Advanced and there click on SIP Profiles.



There select the profile where you want to change the codec priority (or add/delete a codec). In this example, we're updating the internal profile:



Inside the profile settings select the inbound (inbound-codec-prefs) or outbound (outbound-codec-prefs) codec preferences you want to change:



Finally, complete the Value field with the codecs of your preference in order of precedence, separated by commas. When you're done, Save the form.



UVP Configuration

If you have not already followed the Initial Configuration steps in this article Standalone UniFi VoIP Phone Configuration Guide please complete these before continuing.  If you have any questions about the following settings or what they mean please refer to the article above in the SIP Configuration section. 


The fields that you need to fill in here are:



IP or hostname of your FusionPBX

User name

Set it to the value you used in the Extension field in the Extensions configuration page


Set it to the value of the Password field in the Extensions configuration page in FusionPBX

Voicemail number