EdgeRouter - SNMP

SNMP - CLI Commands


This is the minimal configuration:

set service snmp community public authorization ro
  • Note: The term ro stands for read-only.
  • Note: While 'public' is a common community name, it's probably best to use a different community name.

SNMP options include the following:

  • set multiple communities (Use the set service snmp community command for each community.)
  • restrict a community to a client/network
set service snmp community public client <IP_address>
  • description
set service snmp description <keywords_of_description>
  • location
set service snmp location "<name_of_location>"
  • contact
set service snmp contact <name_of_contact>
  • trap-target
set service snmp trap-target <IP_address>
  • listen-address
set service snmp listen-address <IP_address>
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