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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows you to collect information from the EdgeRouter and forward it to a Network Monitoring Station (NMS) for analysis. Examples of information that can be collected are interface stats, bandwidth utilization and hardware load. Find in this article a few examples of SNMP CLI commands.

Table of Contents

  1. Before you begin
  2. CLI Commands
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Before you begin

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To make any of these changes, it is necessary to enter the configuration mode with the command  configure  configure and to commit the changes and save the configuration with the commands  commit  and  save , respectively. 

This is the minimal configuration:

set service snmp community public authorization ro
info_i_25x25.png Notes

1. The term  ro  stands for read-only.

2. While 'public' is a common community name, it's probably best to use a different community name.

SNMP options include the following:

  • Set multiple communities. Make sure to use the  set service snmp community  command for each community.
  • Restrict a community to a client/network

CLI Commands

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set service snmp community public client <IP_address>
  • description
set service snmp description <keywords_of_description>
  • location
set service snmp location "<name_of_location>"
  • contact
set service snmp contact <name_of_contact>
  • trap-target
set service snmp trap-target <IP_address>
  • listen-address
set service snmp listen-address <IP_address>

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