EdgeRouter - System Settings Configuration


In this article, readers will learn how to configure the System Settings through the CLI.

Set System

These set system commands configure the system settings of the EdgeRouter:

set system host-name R15-bld5-fl2
set system domain-name ubnt.com
set system time-zone US/Pacific
set system gateway-address
set system login banner pre-login "\n\n\n\tUNAUTHORIZED USE OF THIS SYSTEM\n\tIS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!\n\n\tPlease contact "company-noc@company.com" to gain\n\taccess to this equipment if you need authorization.\n\n\n"
set system login banner post-login "\nWelcome to EdgeOS!\n"

Note: These two options can have multiple settings, and ntp comes pre-configured with 0.ubnt.pool.ntp.org.

set system name-server
set system ntp server 0.ubnt.pool.ntp.org


These are the default system syslog settings:

syslog {
    global {
        facility all {
            level notice
        facility protocols {
            level debug

Set Service

Use the set service command to configure ssh and telnet in the CLI:

set service ssh
set service telnet

Static Host Mapping

These are the static host mapping settings:

ubnt@proto5# show system static-host-mapping
host-name cloudkey {
host-name server {

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