airControl - Live view modes


Readers will learn about different modes available under live view as seen in the user interface of airControl 2.

Live view

Live view can be manipulated in two modes:

  • Diagram mode - shows devices connected into network diagram based on automatically resolved topology
  • Map mode - shows devices overlaid on either NASA Satellite Arial Photo map or Open Street Map

Live view helps the operator summarize the state of the network by taking a quick glance at it's visual rendition updated in real time. State is visualized using four visual cues:

  • width down-stream end of the link corresponds to current connection ratio, the thicker the link-end the higher is the ratio
  • color of the link corresponds to signal strength as measured on the receiving end of the link. Color spectrum goes from red (weak signal) to blue (strong signal)
  • size of "blobs" moving along the links represent current throughput, the blob moving upwards corresponds to TX-throughput. blob moving downwards corresponds to RX-throughput of the receiving downstream-node
  • speed of the moving "blobs" corresponds to current TX-Latency of the wireless interface

Device positions are editable in both live modes by enabling "Editing Mode" via context menu tool item in the top-right corner of Live view tab. Editing related tools will appear on the toolbar.

Multiple live views can be created using "New Live view" menu command, each view is embedded in the top-level tab and is given user-specified name.

Live view can be subdivided into any number of named areas using "New Area" menu item. Areas can be rearranged by dragging and dropping area's label. Area can be maximized/restored using corresponding mini-buttons on next to area's label.

Live view has two expandable sliders

  • left slider contains topology tree
  • right slider shows details for currently selected device or multiple devices

Along the bottom-edge of live view a there is togglable hoover-bar, it is shows quick information about device which is currently under mouse pointer. Hoovering mouse over a link will show information about the device downstraem of it.

The TX/RX plot in the hoover-bar can be scrolled forward and backward by dragging it. The metric value to the right of the plot shows the maximum upper-bound TX/RX value of all plot points shown in the current range

User can toggle showing of the following in live view:

  • hoover-bar
  • grid
  • all device labels
  • labels of leaf devices (the ones that don't have any devices connected downstream of them)
  • link labels