UniFi Video - TFTP Reset / Recovery


In the event you need to perform a reset or a recovery, the camera can be restored by following. 


Ocassionally, cameras become incapable of being managed. Sometimes they turn on, but there's no webui. Sometimes the the device is simply unresponsive. In any case, follow these steps to recover your device when nothing else works.

Note: The device does need to be able to turn on, for this to work.


  1. Locate the correct firmware file on disk.
  2. Unplug the PoE cable from the camera.
  3. Configure the computer to use a static IP/netmask on subnet.
  4. Start a ping to
  5. Press and hold the Reset button, then power on the camera.
  6. Wait at least 10 seconds (until both LEDs flash once) or until a ping response from resumes.
  7. Release the Reset button to keep this unit in TFTP mode. 
  8. Upload the firmware file using the tftp command.
    • tftp; bin; put *.bin
    • You may need to change this command based on the current OS used to send this file to the camera and also for current name of the firmware bin file downloaded previously. You may use any type of TFTP program in addition to this command-line example. 
  9. After the new firmware bin file is uploaded to the camera, the device will automatically reboot, update the firmware, and reset the unit to factory defaults.

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