airMAX - Pass VLAN tagged and management untagged traffic across radio


Readers will learn how to pass management traffic as "untagged" and leave VLAN traffic "tagged", or more simply, pass traffic transparently through the radio.


This setup is pretty straight forward. Since you are not untagging VLANs on the radio and management ports are untagged. You will require a VLAN aware switch on both sides.  

Here you can see that no changes have been made to the default bridge setup and no VLAN interfaces have been created, despite passing VLAN-tagged traffic.


For reference, here is an example of what the switch port (Port 4) might look like that is connected to the radio. The Management VLAN is changed to VLAN100 and set to "U" (untagged) while all other non-Management VLANs would be set to "T" (tagged). If a VLAN shouldn't pass on the interface, set to "E" (exclude).