airMAX - Unboxing the airGateway

The airGateway is an extremely small form factor WiFi Access Point that conveniently connects to an airMax Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter.

A new PoE has been shipping with airMax radios; a PoE that includes a "clip rim" that allows the airGateway to connect more securely to the PoE.

The airGateway add-on is also compatible with legacy PoE's, however since they lack the "clip rim" I  suggest that they be secured with a standard cable tie (as shown in the photograph below) to assure that they do not pull apart.

Four sides of the airGateway box:


Four views of the airGateway itself (note, there is a [Reset] button on the back):


The airGateway, PoE docking (new PoE) and Securing (if PoE is legacy [cable tie not included]):


The airGateway as a component of an installation:


First connection to airGateway:


Special thanks to community member Bean_Planter for putting this article together!