EdgeRouter - Web proxy service for filtering


Readers will learn how the web proxy service can be configured via EdgeRouter's CLI. A web proxy is useful for blocking, allowing or redirecting web traffic. There are a number of options associated with the web proxy service:

jamie@ubnt-slc# set service webproxy ?
administrator domain-noncache minimum-object-size
append-domain enable-access-log proxy-bypass
cache-size listen-address reply-block-mime
default-port maximum-object-size reply-body-max-size
domain-block mem-cache-size url-filtering


The basic configuration of the webproxy is the address to listen on (typically the LAN IP address of the router).

jamie@ubnt-slc# set service webproxy listen-address

After which, web filtering can be left up to squidguard (options when running squidguard are listed below):

jamie@ubnt-slc# set service webproxy url-filtering squidguard
Possible completions:
allow-ipaddr-url Allow option to allow IP address URLs
default-action Default action
enable-safe-search Enable safe-mode search on popular search engines
local-block Local site to block
local-block-keyword Local keyword to block
local-block-url Local URL to block
local-ok Local site to allow
local-ok-url Local URL to allow
log Log block category
redirect-url Redirect URL for filtered websites
rule URL filter rule for a source-group
source-group Source group name
time-period Time period name
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